Commercial Pest Control

Solving Any And All Commercial Pest Problems

Our professional team members at Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg have a wide range of expertise and knowledge. We know that “one-size-fits-all” approaches don’t often work. That is why we consider each customer’s unique scenario when creating our plans to give the most effective and affordable care we can offer.


Below are our most common service requests. For more information about these services or to request information about an unmentioned service, please contact one of our local offices. We have offices in Fredericksburg who are ready to help.


Our most common requests:

Bees & Wasps

Full-Service Commercial And Industrial Pest Control In Texas Hill Country

Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg recommends a pest control program for commercial and industrial buildings such as apartments, factories, or offices. For these large buildings, routine visits will be made to the facility for interior control. This is the most effective method because covering these large spaces may take several visits to both create and maintain long-term rodent control solutions. However, a program service option is also available for residential properties upon request.

Serving Texas Hill Country’s Businesses

We understand the value of a pest-free and comfortable environment for businesses. We also understand the devastating financial effects of long-term closure. We work with businesses to give the most effective and long-term solution with the most convenient options in mind. Especially for large business facilities, we recommend hiring professional care as soon as possible to prevent major damage. Please contact your local office for more information.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a methodology of pest removal. It equally prioritizes quick removal and prevention. While the traditional traps and monitors we use are effective for immediate results, we also know that without finding the root cause, your building will be more susceptible to future infestations. We will survey the area and provide you with any beneficial advice to control rodent populations. For example, controlling extra moisture, sealing and identifying cracks, and keeping outdoor vegetation trimmed and treated are all proven effective.

Using IPM as our first line of defense allows us to create a safer environment for employees and guests of commercial spaces. Over the long run, focusing on prevention as part of the solution will limit the number of sprays and chemicals put on the property.

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Spraying Plants

Responsible And Effective Pest Control

Depending on the business, pesticide and insecticide sprays may be applied to indoor and outdoor spaces. Sometimes this is the only effective force against a moderate infestation. Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg researches our products and we only used FDA-approved chemicals with the highest removal success rates. Our expert team members have extensive knowledge of different products and the best cases for each. By focusing on the IPM prevention method, we hope to limit the number of visits requiring pesticides and insecticides to create the healthiest long-term environment.

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