How Do I Maintain My Lawn?

Maintaining your lawn requires precise watering, mowing, and fertilizing practices.

Watering a lawn
In Florida, over-watering a lawn is the most common cause of damage. Overwatering can leave your lawn weakened, which can be an attractive environment for insects, disease, and fungus. To avoid overwatering, you can wait until the lawn shows signs of mild dryness indicating that it's time for watering.
1. Leaf-blades that are folded over
2. Grass that has a grayish hue
3. Lawns that don’t spring back when stepped on - leaving visible footprints in the grass

When watering less frequently, the roots of the grass dig deeper and form more secure paths. The best way to get a lawn that will thrive for years to come is by waiting until the lawn has signs of dehydration and watering it with a long and large supply of water at once. Watering regularly and in small quantities will result in a short root system. Although more water at once is preferred, do not overwater the area either. Too much water can dilute the fertilizer that nourishes your lawn which might leave it lifeless and the runoff could potentially contaminate groundwater.

Mowing a lawn
Never cut more than ⅓ of the grass’s total length. If cut too short, the grass will become more stressed and susceptible to pests or disease.

Fertilizing a lawn
Fertilizing your lawn regularly and especially when it’s in the growing season can be a great way to get a healthy strong lawn.
We hope these tips are informative and helpful. If you are struggling to maintain a lawn or to get a consistent routine with positive results going, we are here to help. Just give Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg a call.

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