How Long After Treatment Does It Take For Fleas To Die?

Your flea problem may persist for months or worsen with time if you choose the DIY route. This is because many over-the-counter products and advice don’t work. This doesn’t mean that hiring a professional flea control specialist will require no effort. If you decide to seek professional help for your persistent flea infestation, you will need to vacuum carpets every ten days after your professional flea extermination treatment. After every vacuuming, you need to put every vacuum bag into a sealed plastic bag and dispose of it immediately. Otherwise, you risk re-infestation.

There’s a good chance you will still find fleas for up to four weeks after treatment. At the time of your treatment, the fleas were at different life stages. Puma and larvae might have escaped the insecticide treatment and hatch into adults. Don’t be alarmed. Flea populations should entirely dissipate within a few weeks after treatment.

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