How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

When you water your lawn too frequently, your grass might create a shallow root system that makes your lawn weaker. A weak shallow root lawn can’t withstand heavy traffic, ward off pests or survive drought. Watering less frequently for longer periods trains the lawn to grow a deeper root system because the roots must dig deeper to find water. This strengthens and lengthens its root system. The best way to determine when to water your lawn is to look for mild signs of dehydration. Below are just a few ways to tell when your lawn is ready for the water.

  • Leaf-blades that are folded over

  • Grass that has a grayish hue

  • Lawns that don’t spring back when stepped on - leaving visible footprints in the grass

However, keep in mind that saturating the lawn with water can be just as detrimental as too frequent watering. Most lawns require ½” of water per irrigation session. If you give more than this, you run the risk of diluting the fertilizer and potentially contaminating groundwater sources.
Many other factors make each lawn unique. Location and size are just the beginning. But, generally, using these watering tips, you should be able to work through what makes your lawn happy and healthy through trial and error.
Another tip is to water during the morning. This practice is especially useful during summer when the hot afternoon might absorb the water before the grass gets the chance to.
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