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Hill Country Pest Control's dedicated tree division has been serving Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas for over four decades. We understand the challenges caused by insects, oak wilt, ball moss, and fungus. HCPC's expert staff is knowledgeable in the best preventions and treatments for the trees on your property. We can help you positively assess any problems your trees may be having. 

  • Tree Care and Insects

The Texas Hill Country has a rich abundance of insect species, and the vast majority of these insects do not cause any harm to our plants. In fact, many of them are beneficial to the plant ecosystem. However, the ones that are harmful to local trees and shrubs can cause serious problems.

Locally our trees can be devastated by borer insects. These pests make their homes in the trunks, bark, and branches of shade trees and shrubs. Usually, borer insects are attracted to already weak plants; however, they can make home in healthy plants.


An infestation of borers often goes unnoticed until there are external signs of damage, or the plant (or part of the plant) starts to die. While these insects, called "secondary invaders," contribute to the decline of the tree or shrub, there are usually other health problems causing a vast decline in the plant. These insects include termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, beetles, moths, and horntail wasps.

Our experienced staff can assess and create a prevention or treatment plan to combat insect infestation for your trees.

  • Trust Hill Country Pest Control of Fredericksburg

    With safe, economical, and effective treatments, Hill Country Pest Control is the name you can trust for your pest control, termites, tree, and lawn services. We know that an infestation can be not only an annoyance but also an event that causes damage and destruction to your building and land.

    Serving the Texas Hill Country for over 40 years, we understand how to tackle the unique critters who call Texas home. Our expert staff is knowledgeable in treating termites, bed bugs, fleas, roaches, rodents, and many more. We can get rid of unwanted intruders quickly and permanently.

    Hill Country Pest Control is the name you can trust for all your pest control, Termite, Lawn, and Tree needs. Our technicians can assess problems your trees or lawn may be experiencing using the best products and treatments. Issues ranging from oak wilt to lawn fungus to wood ants are just some of the areas HCPC can treat.

Oak wilt on leaves
  • Oak Wilt

Oak wilt disease is a very serious problem for property owners in and around Fredericksburg. Although there isn't a definite cure for the deadly disease, Hill Country Pest Control has developed a successful method for handling oak wilt.

Like with our other specialties, prevention is always the best way to get ahead of any problem. In order to help prevent oak wilt, we inject concentrated micro-nutrients and/or fungicides straight into the tree's veins.

  • Ball Moss

Many Hill Country residents are very familiar with the problems caused by ball moss. This invader is a common problem for our trees, especially our live oaks. And if left untreated, it can cause severe damage to your trees.

While the name 'ball moss' implies it is part of the moss family, it is an actual plant with flowers and seeds. These plants like to make their home in the interior canopies of trees, preferring environments with low sunlight and higher humidity. Ball moss uses encircling tendrils (hold fasts) to secure its position on a branch. This causes reduced circulation to the branch's ends as the hold fasts tighten their grip to support larger balls.


Alone, this may not kill the tree, but a weak tree or one overloaded with ball moss may die from this added stress. Additionally, if an infestation of ball moss becomes too thick, it can cause a significant decline in tree bud growth.

Unfortunately, simply raking the ball moss out will not rid you of all the moss. This plant produces seed year-round and travels by spores very quickly. Because ball moss spreads so easily, picking and pruning usually does not completely rid your tree of this plant. However, our Hill Country Pest Control technicians have a wealth of experience in preventing and treating ball moss. We know that not only is an infestation dangerous for your trees, but it's also unsightly.

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