Are honey bees dangerous?

In most cases, honey bees are not dangerous. They are generally peaceful creatures and help pollinate the planet. they will, however, react when they feel their hives are threatened. Honey bees only sting as a final resort to protect the hive from an intruder, unlike yellow jackets and wasps which can sting a victim multiple times. When honey bees sting, they must sacrifice their lives because they aren’t able to remove their barbed stingers after a sting without pulling some of their digestive tract, muscles, and nerves along with it.
Honey bee stings can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people, as severe as anaphylactic shock, and sometimes can be fatal. Victims of stings should seek medical attention immediately if symptoms of an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock ensue.
While honey bees don’t usually bother other animals, farmers across the country have reported more aggressive behavior in recent years. While the United States has been home primarily to the European honey bee, a more reactive and protective honey bee, the Africanized honey bee has spread. Unlike the European honey bee, the Africanized honey bee exhibits behavior such as chasing and bumping into people or animals.
This behavior suggests to researchers that wild bees in America are becoming Africanized as hives mix and repopulate. The aggressive Africanized honey bees were sent to Brazil in the 1950s to increase honey production. They escaped captivity and have slowly but surely made their way up to and through North America. As temperatures get warmer, Africanized bees continue to move further north. As they spread, more people are raising concerns.
If you spot a honey bee hive near your home, do not attempt to remove it yourself. If the hive is particularly aggressive, keep your distance until a professional team can help. Contact your local pest control company such as Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg to discuss safe beehive removal in Gillespie County. With over 43 years of pest control experience, we are prepared to help you with any pest control problems.

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