What Kind Of Bugs Do You Treat For And What Is Covered Under A Typical Pest Control Policy?

This can vary from company to company. A company will usually use a package treatment plan that is specific to their local county’s common pest requests and issues. Our plan at Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg is intended for the Hill Country region. This common program includes resistance against cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and pill bugs.

From there, we also offer more specific add-ons to further personalize care. Certain pests, such as fleas and ticks, are most commonly a problem for customers who have pets. Instead of treating these in the basic package, we offer them as an as-needed add-on. Termites are another group of insects that requires specialized service and treatments. Regular pest control service, unfortunately, will do nothing to prevent termites. Lastly, mosquitoes also require a treatment service that is not included.

  • Trust Hill Country Pest Control of Fredericksburg

    With safe, economical, and effective treatments, Hill Country Pest Control is the name you can trust for your pest control, termites, tree, and lawn services. We know that an infestation can be not only an annoyance but also an event that causes damage and destruction to your building and land.

    Serving the Texas Hill Country for over 40 years, we understand how to tackle the unique critters who call Texas home. Our expert staff is knowledgeable in treating termites, bed bugs, fleas, roaches, rodents, and many more. We can get rid of unwanted intruders quickly and permanently.

    Hill Country Pest Control is the name you can trust for all your pest control, Termite, Lawn, and Tree needs. Our technicians can assess problems your trees or lawn may be experiencing using the best products and treatments. Issues ranging from oak wilt to lawn fungus to wood ants are just some of the areas HCPC can treat.

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