Why Are Bugs So Gross?

Bugs can seem gross because they have unsettling looks and behavior patterns. Bugs have evolved for survival which has given them unique features. The creepy-crawly feeling that people associate with an overwhelming number of insects has inspired horror films by tapping into that subconscious squirmy reaction.

Many people find spiders absolutely terrifying especially because they are associated with Halloween. Interestingly, most spiders are beneficial to you and only a small number are harmful. Most spiders help control the population of other pests that enter your home by eating them. Spider webs can also be beautifully designed. It is important to determine the looks of widow spiders, brown recluses, and Australia’s funnel-web spiders because these are among the most commonly occurring and deadly spiders. Widows and recluse spiders won’t chase you. They bite reactively. Avoid them by watching your step in brush areas, especially at night. Spiders look most unlike humans than most other creatures which may contribute to the gross feeling they give people. With multiple eyes, legs, and hard outer skeletons, it is no mystery why their bodies feel so unfamiliar and unsettling.

In large numbers, spiders, worms and other bugs can terrify people. Generally, humans fear things they don’t understand. Honey bees, for example, are misunderstood. Honey bees are important pollinators that are essential to the food we eat and the air we breathe. They help plants grow and repopulate. But a lot of people think all bees, wasps, and hornets are dangerous killer bees. Unless you have a severe bee allergy, most bees are harmless in the long term. But some of this fear of bees is justified. Bees are wired to protect their hive, even at the cost of their lives. When a bee feels threatened, it will sacrifice its life by stinging the invader. A large number of bee stings can be not only painful but in rare cases, deadly. Similarly, a fear of termites, ticks, mosquitoes, whiteflies, and roaches is also justified. These bugs threaten businesses and homes alike. There is nothing wrong with fearing bugs. It’s part of being human! Educating yourself on what types of bugs are harmful and how to avoid them can help you feel safer and reduce the gross feeling they give us.

It is normal to want to keep bugs out of your home, business, or lawn. We can do general sprays around the home and outdoor spaces to regularly maintain bug populations. If this interests you, Hill Country Pest Control Fredericksburg is available to help in the Fredericksburg area.

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